The Vespa scooters competing in the A.C.M.A. Trophy will arrive at SpaItalia!


As recently announced by DG Sport, the organiser, the 2020 edition of SpaItalia will delight all aficionados of two and four-wheel Italian machinery on Sunday 20th September. It promises to be a mouth-watering day on more than one count, highlighting such legendary makes as Alfa Romeo, celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, and Ducati. But that’s not all …

Those that talk about Italian machinery also think of … Vespa! Last year these motorised insects, dreamt up by the Piaggio company just after the Second World War, definitely did not go unnoticed during the SpaItalia, notably taking full advantage of a Vespa Parade which was entirely reserved for them.  It goes without saying that this will once again be the case this year, especially as the participants of this 2020 vintage will be joined by the Vespa riders competing in the Audax A.C.M.A. Trophy, French event held the same weekend, with arrival at the most beautiful circuit in the world during SpaItalia!

’The Audax A.C.M.A. Trophy is being organised for the first time, and should bring together some thirty Vespa scooters dating from 1946, a question of celebrating the creation of the Vespa by Piaggio, through to 1962, year corresponding to the closure of the Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et d’Automobiles (ACMA), located at Fourchambault, in the Nièvre, where they assembled  Vespa scooters under the Piaggio licence, Sébastien Fanni, President of the Vespa Club Givet organisers, explained.  The event will start on Saturday 19th September at dawn from Fontaine-le-Port, East of Paris, for a stop-over at Sierck-les-Bains, in Moselle. On Sunday morning, at dawn, the caravan will then head off for the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, which we should reach around 14.00hrs! When DG Sport had been forced, for reasons we know, to move the date of SpaItalia from June to September, we did not hesitate for a second, basing the date of our event on that of this meeting for lovers of Italian machines in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes."

"The arrival of the Audax A.C.M.A. Trophy at SpaItalia is additional proof that our event has won its spurs beyond the Belgian borders, Florian Jupsin, in the name of DG Sport, was delighted to state.  We are overjoyed to see these Vespa scooters, having come from France, in the Francorchamps paddock, for what will surely be the icing on the cake of their trek! It will not fail to add even more importance to our Vespa Parade. "

As a quick reminder, SpaItalia not only consists out of an impressive gathering of Italian cars and motorcycles in the Francorchamps paddocks, but also a series of car driving and motorcycle riding sessions on the track, a Parata Italiana open to all and a Vespa Parade