SpaItalia Loris Rosati will set Shell SpaItalia 2022 on fire

Shell SpaItalia 2022 promises to be a great vintage ! The DG Sport team is putting the finishing touches to a simply exceptional program for Sunday June 12, whether on or off the track. Let it be said, fans of Italian two- and four-wheelers will be delighted ! 

Latest news: the presence of a certain Loris Rosati, expert in acrobatics of all kinds aboard the most diabolical Piaggio Ape ! You know, this famous delivery tricycle that was first manufactured in 1948, and which symbolizes Italy so well… More a utility than a spectacular vehicle that Loris Rosati discovered when he was… 11 years old ! And in his country, the ‘Ape’ can be modified for competition purposes so the rascal gave it his all, multiplying victories and titles, and constantly improving his vehicle. Alongside the races, he also made his first steps on the international scene, quickly becoming a widely appreciated show man ! 

« It is with some pride that we formalize today the presence of Loris Rosati and his diabolical ‘Ape’ at Shell SpaItalia 2022, announces Florian Jupsin on behalf of DG Sport. There is no doubt that the public will greatly appreciate the very amazing performances of this acrobat made famous by his number #95 ! The kind of show not to be missed, especially given the type of vehicle used…»

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