SpaItalia The 75th anniversary of the Vespa worthily celebrated at Shell SpaItalia!

Having rescheduled the Shell SpaItalia 2021 from mid-June to the 26th September, to fully enjoy the sweetness of the Indian summer, it can now proudly announce the celebration of 75 years of the renowned Vespa, this brilliant motorised insect, Piaggio’s brainchild which saw the light of day just after the Second World War. A ‘busy bee’ whose buzzing travelled through time to win over the heart of an incredible community the world over.   

In no case could the Vespa’s three quarters of a century go unnoticed, Florian Jupsin, in the name of the DG Sport organiser explained. We will be setting up an exhibition tracing back the history of this atypical, popular and enticing machine. That takes in the static part, which will supported by the traditional parade on the circuit … “

A Vespa parade that will without fail enjoy an even more spectacular success than in previous editions. Just imagine, for a mere 30 euros each owner and his or her machine will have the opportunity to tackle the 7 kilometres of the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps! Enough to guarantee an awesome atmosphere on the track and provide us with some exceptional photographs of a 75th anniversary more than worthily celebrated during the Shell SpaItalia, home of the Dolce Vita

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