SpaItalia Segafredo for all coffee aficionados, a Kids Area for the younger ones

More than ever DG Sport is developing Shell SpaItalia into a global event far outreaching the only sectors focussed on Italian two and four-wheel machines! If on the one hand Italian motorbikes and cars remain the highlight of the event programmed on Sunday 26th September on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, on the other a green-white-red ambiance will prevail. And the announcement of a village exalting scrumptious food and drink Italian style plays an important part! 

Good news keeps on coming, Segafredo, the Espresso leader in Italy, present in 110 countries worldwide also intends to have a hand in Shell SpaItalia to spread the taste, flavour, culture and preparation of the true Italian Espresso, by way of a quality product emanating from the plantation through to the cup. For the occasion, numerous Espresso or frothy Cappuccino samples will be graciously available to all participants and visitors! Shell SpaItalia is an ode to authenticity, and Segafredo, the event’s partner, understood that perfectly. 

While the parents savour an excellent coffee and admire the awesome machinery on the track or in the paddocks, the younger ones can enjoy themselves to their hearts content in the official Shell SpaItalia Kids Area! Loads of entertainment is foreseen, so that all the blond, brown or other hair-coloured children also retain a souvenir of their visit– in some cases perhaps the first one– on the world’s greatest circuit … 

“The tone is set, more than ever Shell SpaItalia 2021 will be focussed on families, Florian Jupsin, in the name of DG Sport commented. There will be something for everyone, and for all tastes, whilst hoping to instil passions and vocations. All this with the dolce vita as a background…..” 

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