SpaItalia ‘The Professor’ Raoul invited to the 20th SpaItalia!

On Sunday 11th June, all Italian car and motorcycle enthusiasts will be at the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SpaItalia. Each one of them … even Raul Marchisio, better known as Raoul ‘The Professor’! Who will not fail to enhance the event with his presence, to the great delight of all his fans … 

He was a rally driver in the ‘90s, and since then Raul Marchisio is a Supercar salesman in the Principality of Monaco! But for countless sports car aficionados, he is above all ‘The Professor’ Raoul, splendidly highlighted by Georges Maroun Kikano, alias GMK, the French automotive influencer par excellence, with no less than 1,8 million followers on YouTube! 

The duo has quite simply become unmissable through videos glorifying the most emblematic Supercars and Hypercars … 

Could ‘The Professor’ Raoul remain insensitive to the billboard of the 20th SpaItalia? No! Outcome: he confirmed to DG Sport, with the helping hand of Alessandro Capodicci (AMC Detailing), that he will be present on 11th June on ‘the most beautiful circuit in the world’, in order to see, understand, and above all appreciate all that makes up the charm of Italian sports cars. 

We can wager that the presence of the ‘Professor’ will not fail to attract an even greater number of people to the heart of the Ardennes, on the occasion of the 20th year of a more eventful SpaItalia than ever.  And even if Raul Marchisio will not have the opportunity to launch himself into a series of donuts with his renowned Ferrari F40 in the heart of the paddock, he will not fail to go unnoticed.  The word of a Youtuber! 

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