SpaItalia A boosted Ma-Fra Concours d’Elegance for the Shell SpaItalia 2022

We don’t celebrate our 20th birthday every day… and in the case of the Shell SpaItalia, organized on Sunday June 12 by DG Sport, it will result in some additional highlights… and a nice nod to the story of this high mass of Italian cars and motorcycles. This is why the popular Concours d’Elegance that takes part in the heart of the paddock will be able to count on even more spotlights… under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Magalhaes, ex-organizer of the event ! 

« On the occasion of this 20th edition, we are indeed going to celebrate a new Concours d’Elegance and Entrance Exam for the Shell SpaItalia, explains Jean-Pierre Magalhaes. The most emblematic sedans, coupés or convertibles produced by Italian car builders will thus be honoured. Competitions are always excellent opportunities to share with the general public all the facets of the passion that drives us, especially when it comes to lines and curves that are the fruit of genius designers such as Bertone, Zagato, Pininfarina, Touring and many more.. »

But that’s not all ! The Shell SpaItalia is also the high mass of the Italian motorcycle. Whose history is just as rich… « With Garelli and Moto Guzzi, but also Ducati, it is an industrial history more than a century old that is evoked, continues Jean-Pierre Magalhaes. A competition of this type is therefore an exceptional showcase in the context of an event that is aimed at all generations and all categories of enthusiasts. Whether for cars or motorcycles, we will attach importance to the presentation, advocating a mix between beautiful mechanics and elegant ladies and young ladies. A nod to the fairer sex in a world that remains very masculine. And a way of echoing an emancipation that originated in the Roaring Twenties !»     

From now on, the organizers of the 20th Shell SpaItalia will do their utmost to find collectors who eagerly pamper rare cars and motorcycles, and who will be delighted to take part in an event worthy of their jewels. All information can be found on the official Shell SpaItalia website

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